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Boon Sin Chair. Quality and Comfort.

Our Motto
We believe in people that, by working together like a big family, we shall be no1 in our field. We promise to deliver quality, latest design and satisfaction guarantee chairs for everybody.
Our Objective
We believe in producing best quality chair at affordable prices, we are constantly improving and upgrading our system and design of chairs to be a leader in our market. Our vision is to be a market leader in this region.
BS Chair is reputable office chair. Manufacture in East Malaysia and is the biggest chair manufacturer in East Malaysia.
We offer a complete range of seating system designed to cater for every office regiment.
We manufacture office chair system for both local and international markets, we believe in up keeping high standard and quality chairs through very strict quality control.
Our new production plant covers an area 20,000 square ft is modern and streamlined to ensure optimum efficiency.
BS Chair bears the Hallmark of excellence,
make an impression that characterize a bold innovative corporate culture.
Home Gamma Amer Chair Natural Contact

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