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Main Towns  

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Kota Belud
Kota Belud, situated in the West Coast Division, faces the South China Sea with the Crocker Range behind it.
Vital Population Statistics (1991 census)
Total population: 58,259
Female population: 29,515
Male population: 28,744
Malay Population: 1,319
Dusun Population: 23,349
Kadazan Population: 2,661
Bajau Population: 19,912
Murut Population: 37
Other Bumiputera Population: 8,509
Chinese Population: 703
Indonesian Population: 491
Other Non-Bumiputera Population: 362
Total Malaysian Citizen Population: 57,343
Non-Malaysian Citizen Population: 916 %
distribution of Population: 3.3%
Population Density: 42 per Sq. Km
Source: Yearbook of Statistics Sabah, 1999

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Kota Kinabalu
Kota Kinabalu is situated on the West Coast of Sabah.
History and Introduction
Kota Kinabalu was formerly Jesselton, named after Sir Charles Jessel, the Deputy Chairman of the Chartered Company which ruled North Borneo when the town was founded in 1881. It was named Kota Kinabalu in 1967.
Photo: N.S.Tham

Being the state capital of Sabah, it is the seat of the state government where all the ministries, departmental headquarters (except the Forest Department, which is in Sandakan) and government agencies are sited.

Infrastructure and Facilities
Sheltered by Pulau Gaya (Gaya Island), Kota Kinabalu harbour is one of many sea ports in the state. As a container port it handles as much as 4,031,000 tonnes of cargo annually (1995 statistic, Sabah Ports Authority).

The Kota Kinabalu International Airport is the eastern gateway to Malaysia. It handles as many as 2,410,807 passengers and 29,536,913 Kg. of cargo(1995 record, Malaysian Airports Berhad).

Vital Population Statistics (1991 census)
Total population: 209,175
Female population: 102,338
Male population: 106,837
Malay Population: 19,509
Dusun Population: 15,557
Kadazan Population: 15,740
Bajau Population: 23,742
Murut Population: 1,248
Other Bumiputera Population: 22,899
Chinese Population: 57,864
Indonesian Population: 7,306
Other Non-Bumiputera Population: 8,215
Total Malaysian Citizen Population: 172,080
Non-Malaysian Citizen Population: 37,095 %
distribution of Population: 11.7%
Population Density: 598 per Sq. Km
Source: Yearbook of Statistics Sabah, 1999

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Kota Marudu
Kota Marudu is situated in the Kudat Division, the northern most part of the state.
Vital Population Statistics (1991 census)
Total population: 42,747
Female population: 20,656
Male population: 22,091
Malay Population: 1,017
Dusun Population: 22,768
Kadazan Population: 2,829
Bajau Population: 5,335
Murut Population: 14
Other Bumiputera Population: 6,150
Chinese Population: 1,349
Indonesian Population: 998
Other Non-Bumiputera Population: 503
Total Malaysian Citizen Population: 40,963
Non-Malaysian Citizen Population: 1,784 %
distribution of Population: 2.4%
Population Density: 22 per Sq. Km
Source: Yearbook of Statistics Sabah, 1999

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Kuala Penyu
Kuala Penyu is situated in the Interior Division, the South Western part of the state. On the west, it faces the South China Sea.
Vital Population Statistics (1991 census)
Total population: 14,271
Female population: 6,971
Male population: 7,300
Malay Population: 2550
Dusun Population: 645
Kadazan Population: 4,770
Bajau Population: 1,335
Murut Population: 19
Other Bumiputera Population: 4,055
Chinese Population: 200
Indonesian Population: 193
Other Non-Bumiputera Population: 63
Total Malaysian Citizen Population: 13,830
Non-Malaysian Citizen Population: 441 %
distribution of Population: 0.8%
Population Density: 32 per Sq. Km
Source: Yearbook of Statistics Sabah, 1999

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