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This Ministry envisions the development of an efficient and commercially competitive agricultural sector through the optimal utilization of resources and diversification into higher value-added processing, which will create progressive commercial farms and fishing communities.

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Towards a modern, commercial-oriented, competitive and dynamic agriculture sector.

The overall policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Sabah, is in line with the new development philosophy and direction of the National Agricultural Policy, Vision 2020 and Outline Perspective Plan Sabah, which is to intensify the development of the agricultural sector into an efficient, commercialized and competitive sector through the optimal use of resources and diversification into higher value-added activities. This is to enhance its contribution to the overall growth and economic development of the state, and to create modern, progressive and commercial-oriented farming and fishing communities capable of taking advantage of economic opportunities to improve their economic and social well-being.

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The overriding objectives of the policy is the maximization of income from agriculture through optimum utilization of agricultural resources so that its contribution to Gross Domestic Products and economic growth of the state will be sustainable at a desired rate. Specific objectives include:
Increasing the productivity, earning capacity and income of farming and fishing communities;
Increasing growth rate and efficiency of the agricultural crop, livestock and fisheries industries; Diversifying downstream activities of the agricultural sector and its related industries; and
Increasing the level of food production. Agricultural development efforts will be implemented on the basis of sustainability.

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