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Ministry of Finance
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The Ministry of Finance formulates policies that ensure adequate state revenues for expenditures, maintains satisfactory state financial reserves, and manages state funds generally. It aims to attain financial stability, through prudent financial management and sound investment that will sustain Sabah's economy.

To formulate policies which will ensure that State revenue is adequate to cover current and anticipated expenditure and to ensure that the financial reserves of the State are maintained at a satisfactory level.

To formulate policies which will ensure that the State's financial commitments do not exceed the revenue resources.

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Towards attaining financial stability to ensure continued progress and development for the State of Sabah.

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Through prudent financial management and sound investments, the attainment of a healthy and stable financial position capable of sustaining the financing requirement of the State Government for long-term social-economic and other multifaceted developments necessary for enhancing the growth of a vibrant State economy.
Source: Ministry of Finance

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