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Ministry of Industrial Development
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The Ministry's functions are to plan and formulate industrial policies, to monitor and accelerate industrial development by assisting local and foreign investors and by encouraging bumiputera participation in trade, and to co-ordinate the activities of its related agencies. It aims to speed up the growth of manufacturing for a continued expansion of the state's economy, to coordinate the efficient utilization of the natural resources, and to promote downstream processing of these resources.

Planning and formulating Sabah's industrial development policies.

Planning, monitoring, and accelerating industrial development in the state.

Encouraging and assisting local and foreign investors.

Assisting and encouraging bumiputera participation in trade and industry.

Encouraging and accelerating development of cottage industry in the rural areas.

Coordinating the activities of the department and agencies under the Ministry.

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To accelerate the growth of the manufacturing sector to ensure a continued rapid expansion of the state's economy and to provide a basis for attaining the social development consistent with the policies of the Government.

To enhance and coordinate the promotion of investment opportunities for the efficient utilization of the state’s natural resources and to encourage the active participation of Bumiputera in trade and industry.

To encourage further downstream processing of Sabah's natural resources into higher value-added and knowledge-intensive products.

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Towards an industrialized state within the context and time frame of Vision 2020.

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Organization Structure

Under this Ministry, headed by the Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah, are three other organizations; namely, the Department of Industrial Development and Research (DIDR), the Sabah Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO), and the Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park Sdn. Bhd. (KKIP).

Source: Ministry of Industry Development

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