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Ministry of Resource Development & Information Technology
Objectives | Mission

Through Human Resources Development, the Ministry aids the Government in developing a skilled and adaptive labour force to cater for industrial and economic growth of the state, and thereby lessens the dependency on foreign labour. The Natural Resources Development concentrates on afforestation, reforestation and land development for greater economic gains. The Enterprise Development focuses on producing Bumiputera entrepreneurs, developing competent entrepreneurs to establish the state, and ensuring the equal distribution of income.

The objectives of the Ministry to achieve its mission are as follows :-

Human Resources Development
Contribute towards the Government efforts in the planning and development of human resources to produce a skilled, suitable and adaptable labour force that possesses sound management and entrepreneurial wisdom and is familiar with techniques to cater for the State's industrial needs and economic growth in line with OPPS.

Encourage the establishment of institutional centres of excellence and special industrial training courses to increase productivity and to upgrade skills and capabilities of the labour force in the technical and science sectors.

Optimize employment of local labour to reduce dependence on foreign workers.

Natural Resources Development

Increase the scale of afforestation and reforestation activities so as to ensure continuous supply of timber and conservation of forest resource.

Improve efficiency in the exploitation of natural gas to ensure their sustainability over the longer term as well as to minimize adverse damage to the environment.

Develop land on a large-scale basis and to establish new settlement schemes for greater economic gain.

Enterprise Development
Produce Bumiputera entrepreneurs to achieve the creation of the Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Community (BCIC) aspired under OPPS and Vision 2020.

Develop genuine, independent, forward-looking and competent entrepreneurs to help Sabah to achieve the aim of becoming a progressive State as embedded in OPPS and the Entrepreneur Development Action Plan.

Ensure equitable distribution of income to reduce poverty through the implementation of rural industrial projects such as skill training on handicraft making and the One Village One Industry programme.

Source: Ministry of Resource Development and Information Technology

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Mission Towards the development of a capable human resource workforce in meeting the developmental requirements of the state within the set time-frame and context of OPPS and Vision 2020.

Towards better management of natural gas to ensure sustainable supply for long term development.

Towards better planning, management and implementation of land development, settlement, afforestation and reforestation programmes to ensure optimal land use and effective environmental conservation.
Source: Ministry of Resource Development and Information Technology

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