DIRECTOR: Mr. Chen Sin Lung @ Cheng Sin Lung

Mr. Chen, born on 8th November 1963, was in nature a Quantity Surveyor who has vast computer knowledge in the Engineering hardware and software environment. His keenness in the computer field has prompted him to venture into this era whereby his expertise in both the environments can assist him to succeed and provide further implementation to the various market requirements nowadays. He has great plans into programming and developing this centre into a bigger organisation with it's current man-power. Enlisted below are the job designation of CAL other executive and staff.

Madam Karen Wong Peck Cheng
-Designation : General Manager

A graduate in Marketing, Advertising, Sales and Public Relation, Madam Wong join CAL since its inception in 1988 and so far has been running the centre for the 10th year. Through her 15 years of industrial experience and vast experience, she is dedicated to make the growth of CAL into an outstanding and resourceful computer IT centre. Through her years of working with the centre, her projection for the growth of the centre is beyond the management expectation. Being the major backbone of the centre, she is involved in the overall marketing activities of the various hardware and software as well as managing the computer centre.

Mr. S.P Cheng
-Designation : System Support Engineer

With an Electronic & Electrical background, he possessed vast experience in the mainframe and mini-computer environment especially in the field of Networking and Communication System. He has performed and supported many corporate and government agencies during his previous tenure in other companies. Recently he has been trained on the latest Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and thus far has also been exposed to trouble-shooting and solved many critical computer problems in the various Operating Systems in Unix, Windows NT etc. His exposure in managing and supporting many Government Department's EDP systems namely the Land & Survey Department, JKR Kota Kinabalu, Jabatan Ketua Menteri, Lembaga Koko Sabah and the most recent Jabatan Pertanian Sabah has also acclaimed his recognition on his performance, knowledge and speed support to the various personnel as mentioned.

Other supporting staffs are:

1. Ms Chen Ring Yin
2. Mr. Albinus Lee
3. Mr. Alex Lo
4. Mr. Chin Tze Choi
5. Ms Lenny Emmanuel
6. Ms Linda Louis
7. Ms Jeneve Marudu
8. Ms Karen Lynn Masudal
9. Ms Tai Nyuk Chin
10. Ms Liew Mon Hwa
11. Ms Hendritha Ann Anastasius
12. Ms Chong Fui Lan
13. Ms Norhimah Bte. Tanjil


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