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Instructions to complete the BizAd Application Form (Artwork by the advertiser)

Advertiser's Details
a) Please answer the question with Yes if Advertiser is a Sabah.Net Member or No if Advertiser is not a Sabah.Net Member.
b) New : For new or first time Advertiser with Sabah.Net
Existing : For existing or regular Advertiser
c) Name of the Advertiser.
d) Fill in the Advertiser's designation in the corporation.
e) Advertiser's company name.
f) Advertiser's company address.
g) Advertiser's company phone number. 
h) Advertiser's company fax number. 
i) Advertiser's email address.
BizAd Details
j) BizAd Placement : Choose the Sabah.Net Website(s) where the BizAd will be placed.
k) BizAd Type : Select from Banner, or Button-Rectangle from the drop-down list
l) BizAd Format : Select from Static or Animated from the radio button
m) Advertiser's homepage URL to which the BizAd is linked to.
* Upload your image, click browse and select your artwork file.
Payment Details
n) Select a method of payment
o) State the Total Amount
p) State the cheque no (if any)
q) State the payment transfer date or the payment date
r) Select the Invoice delivery method preferred
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