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Why Biz Ad?

More and more companies and individuals are coming online - the growth rate is simply explosive. With the increasing users of the World Wide Web sites, BizAd is another media of the future to expand a company's clientele among cyber enthusiasts.
Advantages of BizAd are :
It is accessible 24 hrs, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  Compare this with the limited lifespan of newspaper ad or even magazine
BizAd can be animated, made interactive and colorful to effectively promote products and services.
You can have attractive animated banners or buttons. Just simply out of reach for conventional printed media.
It can be adjusted, changed and updated at any time!
BizAd is one outstanding feature for any fast moving or dynamic business, advertisement can be updated fast and no printing is required.
Accessible from anywhere
If you have a client that requires information and pricing/delivery details urgently, you can just point them to your advertisement, webpage or homepage.
It is simply the cheapest media around - cost saving
No more heartache to see brochures, company profiles and pamphlets go into the dustbin because the info has changed. You can reach a worldwide audience with a saved cost on promotional tool.
Increase popularity and awareness of your web site
Track the effectiveness of your ads
Target your audience according to Sabah.Net sub nets.

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